Revision Breast Surgery Can Correct Issues and Improve Aesthetics

Breast implants, unfortunately, do not last forever. On average, implants require replacement through revision surgery after about 10 years. Additionally, breast implants are not free from complications. If your breast implants have begun to change shape or cause other issues, Dr. Justin Jones can perform revision breast surgery at our Oklahoma City, OK, practice so you can achieve a proportionate, confidence-boosting bust size and shape. Dr. Jones has extensive experience performing revision breast surgery for established patients as well as new patients who experienced complications with their implants placed by another surgeon. 

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On average, breast implants require replacement through revision surgery after about 10 years.

About Revision Breast Surgery

When breast procedures are performed by a less experienced surgeon, there is a risk that the breasts and nipples will appear asymmetrical, either in size or position. In these instances, revision surgery can also create a more symmetrical bust line. Revision breast surgery is primarily performed on breast augmentation patients who are experiencing complications related to their implants. However, revision procedures can also be performed on both male and female patients who have had breast reduction surgery, or patients who have undergone a breast lift with undesired results. 

Reasons for Revision Breast Surgery

Revision breast surgery can address a wide range of cosmetic imperfections or complications following breast augmentation or reduction surgery. Some of the most common reasons patients seek revision breast surgery include: 

  • Capsular Contracture: This condition develops when scar tissue forms around the breast implant. The scar tissue can harden, resulting in an asymmetrical appearance and severe pain. Dr. Jones can remove both the scar tissue and implant during revision breast surgery and place a new implant for improved aesthetics and comfort.
  • Leaks or Ruptures: Leaks and ruptures in both silicone and saline implants can occur, especially after trauma to the chest. Damage to the implant is more difficult to detect in silicone implants, but leaks and ruptures with saline implants leads to immediate asymmetry. With revision breast surgery, Dr. Jones can remove and replace the damaged implant.
  • Asymmetry: Asymmetry is rather common, even with natural breasts, however, patients with noticeable asymmetry after their original breast surgery, either in size, shape, or nipple placement, may wish to correct the issue with a revision procedure. 
  • Bottoming Out: Bottoming out is a condition in which larger implants slip out of the pocket in which they were originally placed. Dr. Jones can perform revision breast surgery to reposition the implant and use specialized techniques to prevent the condition from happening again. 
  • Symmastia: Also known as “uniboob”, symmastia is a condition in which the implants gravitate toward the center of the chest, out of their pockets. During revision breast surgery, Dr. Jones can reposition the implants in their designated pockets and use various surgical techniques to prevent the condition from reoccurring. 

Revision Breast Surgery Candidates

Patients who are dissatisfied with the results of their original breast procedure, such as breast augmentation with implants, are typically a candidate for revision surgery. Additionally, patients experiencing complications associated with their implants can have any issues addressed with revision surgery. Candidates should be in good health overall and should be completely healed from their previous surgery before undergoing revision breast surgery. 

Dr. Jones’s advanced skills and expertise can correct problems and give you the results you desire.

Benefits of Revision Breast Surgery

Revision breast surgery can eliminate pain you are experiencing as a result of complications with your implants. Revision surgery can also address any aesthetic imperfections you are unhappy with for an improved and more symmetrical appearance. By correcting complications and imperfections, you can feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance.

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If you are suffering from complications with your breast implants, contact Jones Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Jones’s advanced skills and expertise can correct problems and give you the results you desire.

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