Breast Augmentation Enhances Your Bust for a More Beautiful Figure

Breast Enhancement in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Read about the Breast Enhancement procedure, What to expect from the surgery results, and more.

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Breast augmentation surgery, which is also known as augmentation mammaplasty, is the use of implants to fulfill a woman’s desires regarding enhancement in breast shape and size. This procedure is commonly performed for patients desiring to enhance their natural breasts or restore what they have lost due to pregnancy, weight loss, or natural aging.

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The decision to undergo breast augmentation is a very personal, but also potentially very rewarding one. Many different types of women benefit from the procedure, whether they are simply trying to restore what they lost with pregnancy, or improve upon their natural shape and size. Breast augmentation can also improve the balance of your figure and help restore self confidence. Many options exist with this procedure so that it may be tailored to each patient and their individual goals which can vary from a small, athletic, completely natural look to a more voluptuous noticeable enhancement. It is very important to take the time and explore the available options appropriately to arrive at the best plan for each person. When selecting a surgeon for breast augmentation, it is important to choose someone who not only has the proper training and experience, but one who will also make you feel comfortable. This is emphasized at Jones Plastic Surgery and Dr. Jones and staff will spend as much time as is necessary to discover your appropriate plan.

What breast implants will not do:

Breast implants alone are not adequate to lift severely droopy breasts and a breast lift (also known as mastopexy) can be used either simultaneously with augmentation or separately to achieve an appropriate shape. This approach is commonly used for patients who want to restore shape and volume as well as lift their breasts.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Keller funnel certified logoBreast augmentation is a highly individualized procedure and should be done for yourself and not to achieve someone else’s goals or image. The procedure is very successful and has a very high satisfaction rate when performed in the appropriate setting. It is important that you are of good health and your breasts are fully developed and that you have realistic goals before proceeding with breast augmentation. As mentioned, breast augmentation is very useful for enhancing the size of your breasts if you feel they are too small, or restoring what you have lost with weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Breast augmentation can also be used to correct breast asymmetries from development or injury.


Size and shape:

One of the very important options for breast augmentation is obviously size. Along with this, shape is also very important. A range of implants exist to provide everything from a smaller, flatter, more natural appearing breast to a larger, rounder, more noticeable appearance. Dr. Jones will take the time during your consultation to consider all of your goals and to match this with your anatomy to help find the best implant for you. In doing this, you also have the opportunity to review multiple before and after photographs and also try on implant sizers to help clarify your goals.


illustration showing different types of breast augmentation incisions
Another important option for breast augmentation is the location of your incision to place the implant. The main options are around the nipple, under the breast, and under the arm. Each of these incisions have their advantages and disadvantages and Dr. Jones will extensively discuss these with you during your consultation.

Implant location:

cutaway illustration showing submuscular placement and subglandular placement of breast implantsA third important option when considering breast augmentation is the final placement of the implant. The main options available are either on top of the pectoralis muscle, or beneath it. There are multiple variations of these two procedures and these are used when necessary and tailored to each individual and their anatomy and goals. The main advantage of placing the implant on top of the muscle is a slightly quicker recovery on average and possibly less breast animation in the future. Some of the advantages of placing the implant under the muscle include: better visibility with mammogram, lower risk of rippling or wrinkling, lower risk of breast tightness over time, a more natural appearance in certain patients, and lower risk of implants sagging over time. As with the other options, implant placement is tailored to each individual for optimum results.

illustration of a clear saline breast implant

Saline Implant

illustration of a clear silicone breast implant

Silicone Implants

Type of implant:

The last major option regarding breast augmentation is the type of implant placed. The main options regarding implant type are saline and silicone. Multiple studies have been performed on both implants and both have been found to be very safe and are FDA approved. Both implants have advantages and disadvantages. The most recent studies have shown a higher patient satisfaction rate with silicone implants as well as a more natural look and feel with lower risks of wrinkling and rippling as well as lower rupture rates. Currently, implant manufacturers are also offering lifetime warranties against failure of the silicone devices. As with all options, the type of implant you choose is a personal decision and the risks and benefits will be extensively discussed with you considering your goals and anatomy.

The consultation:

On the day of your consultation, you will meet Dr. Jones and his staff for approximately one hour to discuss your goals as well as the various options. They will also review your health history. During this consultation, Dr. Jones will also examine you and you will have the opportunity to review before and after examples and also try on sizers to help determine your goals regarding size and shape. You and Dr. Jones will then consider the options to achieve your goals and develop your surgical plan. After this consultation and any necessary preoperative studies are performed, you’ll be ready for surgery. Some important parts of your health history to remember are: any family history of breast cancer, medications that you take including herbals and over-the-counter medications, previous history of surgeries, and any history of smoking. Dr. Jones will also review with you the risks and benefits of breast augmentation and typical postoperative course.

The surgery:

As mentioned, after your consultation and appropriate preoperative workup as necessary, you’ll be ready for surgery. Typically, you do not need to return to the office before your surgery day unless you have additional questions or need to try sizers again. The day of surgery, you will usually come to the same office where consultation was performed for surgery. The office is a fully certified surgical center. The day of surgery you will again meet with Dr. Jones to review the surgical plan and you also meet with a board-certified anesthesiologist, who will provide your anesthesia during surgery. When everyone is ready to proceed, surgery will take place and usually lasts approximately 45 min. After surgery, you will recover in the recovery room and be cared for by Dr. Jones registered nurse as well as Dr. Jones and the anesthesiologist. You will be closely monitored until medically cleared and able to walk out.

After surgery:

After surgery, you are to stay within 30 min. of the office with a responsible adult. Dr. Jones will call to check on you the evening of surgery and answer any questions that may have arisen. You will also be sent home with a list of concerning signs and symptoms as well as a contact number for Dr. Jones should any concerns arise. You will see Dr. Jones the day after surgery and typically again approximately 4 to 5 days later when you will usually begin exercises for your breasts. Your next visit is typically a couple of weeks later and then two more spaced one month apart. Approximately 3 months after surgery, you are typically released from Dr. Jones care, but may follow-up at any time with concerns.


Most patients return to normal leisurely activity immediately following breast augmentation. Pain medication is typically required for 24 to 72 hours, but sometimes not at all. Patients are typically allowed to shower and begin taking anti-inflammatory medication 48 hours after surgery. Strenuous activity that could cause sweating is typically avoided for 2 to 3 weeks and heavy lifting or jogging/running for 4 to 6 weeks. It is important to not sweat into the incisions for 2 to 3 weeks and two not submerge the breasts during this time as well until the incisions have healed well and been seen by Dr. Jones. Most patients have difficulty limiting activity, but it is very important. After six weeks, most activities can be resumed carefully as tolerated.

Questions and Answers:

Breast Augmentation Postoperative Suggestions and Guidelines

Breast Enhancement in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Read about the Breast Enhancement procedure, What to expect from the surgery results, and more.

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