Choosing the Right Breast Implants for Your Unique Aesthetic Goals

Breast augmentation can give a woman the fuller, more voluptuous figure she desires. Dr. Justin Jones strives for natural results by using optimal breast implant techniques, and he takes the time to discuss the patient’s goals in order to make sure they are truly satisfied. He offers a variety of breast implants, including saline, silicone, and gummy bear implants. He also provides various implant shapes and sizes. To learn more about breast implants at our Oklahoma City practice, contact Jones Plastic Surgery today.

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The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Jones uses the most advanced and precise surgical techniques to place breast implants. He tailors each patient’s implant placement to meet her individual goals and body type. First, he creates one of several incision patterns. He may place the incisions around the areola, under the breast crease, or inside the armpit. Dr. Jones then positions the implants through these incisions. He may place the implants over or under the pectoral muscle. In many cases, this will depend on a patient’s body type. For example, smaller women, or those with thin breast tissue, may especially benefit from sub-muscular placement.

In many cases, Dr. Jones uses a specialized funnel to insert pre-filled implants. This device allows him to perform “no-touch” surgery, reducing the risk for infection. The technique is also extremely precise and involves little impact to surrounding tissues. Thanks to this advanced method, patients experience minimal swelling and a quick recovery. To further reduce the risk of infection, Dr. Jones places an antibacterial solution at the same time that he inserts the implant. He also prescribes anti-inflammatory medications immediately after the procedure. Icing and gentle massage can speed healing even more.

Dr. Jones can also enhance patients’ breasts with fat grafting. Using liposuction, he removes unwanted fat from another area of the body. Then he purifies the fat cells and injects them into a woman’s breasts. He uses great precision to ensure a natural, rounded look.

Silicone Breast Implant Durability

Dr. Justin Jones demonstrates silicone implant durability

Various Implant Materials

Dr. Jones has served on the board for all Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved breast implants. Due to his familiarity with each of these manufacturers, he can offer several types of implants. Options include:

  • Saline: Saline implants have a silicone shell. After they are in place, Dr. Jones fills them with a saltwater solution. In this way, he can insert the implants through a smaller incision, and they can be custom-sized for each woman’s needs.
  • Silicone: Silicone implants also have a silicone shell. They come in several sizes, and they are pre-filled with a silicone solution. Many women believe that these implants look and feel more natural than saline.
  • Cohesive-gel: Commonly known as “gummy bear implants,” cohesive-gel implants are made of silicone. When cut in half, these teardrop-shaped implants retain their shape. With cohesive-gel implants, there is no risk of leakage. 

Implant Shapes and Sizes

Implants also come in a range of shapes and sizes. Dr. Jones works very carefully to ensure his patients’ figures look natural after surgery. He often uses before-and-after pictures, as well as special sizers, to help women choose their preferred implant size. In some cases, he can also use 3-D imaging to give them a more detailed view of what their figure will look like after treatment. Dr. Jones also helps patients choose between round and teardrop-shaped implants and between smooth and textured material.

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