Understanding The Breast Augmentation Procedure


One of the most important things for success in Breast Augmentation is proper preparation for surgery in his Oklahoma City surgery center.  This includes having good nutrition prior to the procedure and not smoking for at least four weeks prior. We also recommend stopping any medications that can interfere with anesthesia or affect healing or bleeding potential as well as taking Vitamins A, C and Zinc to assist with healing.  It is required for anesthesia that you have nothing by mouth after midnight the night before surgery.  We also ask you to wash with a chlorhexidine antibacterial wash the night before surgery to help reduce the risk of infection.

Day of Surgery

On the morning of surgery we ask that you again wash with chlorhexidine to further reduce the risks of infection.  You will want to wear something loose fitting and not wear any lotions or deodorants.  It is also best to leave your jewelry at home, but to bring warm socks.  You will then come to our surgical facility approximately 45 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.  This will allow you time to check in and have any additional questions answered.  It will also allow you time to complete any final paperwork and review what to expect after surgery.  You will then meet with your Board Certified Anesthesiologist and discuss the plans for anesthesia and their associated risks and benefits. You will again meet with Dr. Jones for final discussion regarding the procedure specifics.  Finally, Dr. Jones will mark you for surgery.

The Procedure

After appropriate preparation, you will be escorted back to our accredited operating room and the anesthesiologist will induce general anesthesia.  You will then be prepped and draped in sterile fashion and Dr. Jones will cover a portion of your breasts with a clear antibacterial dressing.  Long acting local anesthetic will then be injected into your incision markings and then then incisions will be made.  Dr. Jones will then carefully create a pocket for your implants assuring very minimal bleeding throughout.  Once appropriate pockets have been created, Dr. Jones will put long acting numbing medication into the pockets and will place your implants with a no touch technique with a Keller funnel.  This will decrease trauma to the tissues and also possible exposure to bacteria, which will decrease your risk of infection and capsular contracture.  It will also allow for a smaller incision.  Your incisions will then be closed with dissolvable hidden stitches and the incisions will be covered with an antibacterial solution and tape (steri-strips).  Gauze and a post-surgical bra will then be placed and you will be awakened and taken to the recovery room.

Recovery Room

You will typically recover for approximately 45 minutes after breast augmentation.  You are kept until stable and you have met all criteria for discharge.  During this time, a registered nurse will monitor you and also review your instructions for after surgery.  She will discuss these specifics with both you and the responsible adult you have with you for the day and evening of surgery.  You will also be given a sheet of paper with your postoperative instructions on them should you forget what was discussed.  The instruction sheet is a guide and also gives you contact numbers for concerns.  Click here to learn more about the recovery process.

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