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Auto augmentation is a procedure that Dr. Justin Jones often utilizes to enhance a patient’s breasts by using their own natural tissues without the use of a saline or silicone breast implant. Dr. Jones utilizes this technique for women simply wanting a little more volume and also very commonly for patients undergoing a breast lift or reduction and wishing to not only lift and reduce the length or size of their breasts, but also enhance the shape of the upper portion without the addition of a breast implant. Dr. Jones also commonly performs this procedure for patients who choose to remove their implants, but want to maintain a nice shape. This can allow a patient to maintain some volume in the upper portion of the breast and avoid an empty looking breast. Many patients who wish to remove implants, but desire a smaller, perkier breast choose this technique.

There are a couple of ways Dr. Jones can enhance the breasts without implants. One method is by removing fat from another part of the body and placing it in the breasts. This can be advantageous because a patient may also benefit from liposculpting other areas of the body where the fat is removed. A limitation of this technique however is the amount of volume that can be safely injected. Significant enhancements are typically not possible with fat injection alone into the breast.

Another technique is preserving the breast tissue from the lower aspect of the breast when performing a breast lift or reduction and then placing the tissue in the upper pole of the breast.  This transported tissue is left attached to blood supply so it remains living breast tissue with the same soft feel.  It also maintains the same visibility on mammogram.  This approach has the benefit of lifting the lower aspect of the breast and nipple as well as improving the shape and definition of the upper pole of the breast, leaving a nice, natural, perky, youthful result.

With either technique, the results of auto augmentation are very natural and it has the benefit of avoiding a breast implant and any possible future maintenance that can be involved with implantable devices.  The recovery from this procedure is typically very quick and most patients are surprised at how soon they return to normal daily activity.  In fact, most patients return to normal daily activity almost immediately and to work in a day or two.  Most patients can resume light exercise in a couple of weeks.  Dr. Jones also uses dissolvable sutures that do not need to be removed and typically covers your incisions with glue or tape to minimize any necessary postoperative incision care.  Dressings usually involve only a comfortable sports bra and a small piece of gauze for a couple of days.

Please contact our office if you are interested in auto augmentation and would like to schedule a consultation.  With this, we can carefully assess your goals and your anatomy and determine if auto augmentation is the best procedure for you.

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